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At Ars Medica we treat patients of all ages. Our aim is to prevent, improve and eliminate dental and jaw relation anomalies. 

Treatment is designed to meet the patient’s personal needs and clinical picture with careful diagnosis and subsequent preparation of a treatment plan.


Preventive orthodontics


Also known as early orthodontics. Benefits from early orthodontic treatment are help guide jaw development, restore function, correct oral habits, help guide permanent teeth into a more desirable position… This way we help in physical development and improve self-esteem.

Children & adolescent orthodontics


Patients are usually treated with fixed appliances. Apart standard fixed appliances we offer treatment with Damon braces with metal and clear brackest.

Adult orthodontics


We offer Clear, Damon clear and lingual orthodontics, which is more acceptable for adult patients. Soon we will start orthodontic treatment  with Invisalign.

Healthy smiles for everyone

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