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Oral surgery

Dental implantology, root end  surgery (apicoectomy), impacted teeth, jaw cysts, low frenulum insertion of the lip and tongue, oral soft tissue tumors, minor salivary glands.



Soft tissue injuries of the face , head and neck. Bone fractures of the jaws and face. Soft tissues injuries of the mouth and tooth trauma.



Facial soft tissue infections: abscess, phlegmon, furuncul (boil). Bone infections: osteomyelitits. Infections of the salivary glands  


Skin tumors of the face, head and neck. Moles (nevus). Bone tumors of the jaws and facial bones. Soft tissue tumors of the mouth and salivary glands tumors.  

Birth defects & congenital anomalies

Cleft lip and palate. Moles (nevus). Genetic syndromes  

Orthognathic Surgery


Surgical correction of jaw discrepancies, frontal and lateral,  like progeny, micrognathy, laterognathy.

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery


Face lifting, eye lid surgery (blepharoplasty), hair transplantation, rhinoplasty (nose job), scar (cicatrix) removal.

Laser Surgery

We use laser surgery for the removal of moles (nevuses), blood vessel anomalies, scars.

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